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Buying a holiday home in the Netherlands

Buying a holiday home in the Netherlands is a dream of many. Enjoying your own holiday home and getting returns from renting it out. Perfect reasons to invest in a holiday home. You can also choose to let the home professionally for guaranteed returns. Whatever your approach, buying a holiday home in the Netherlands is quite a step. 


A good investment

Holidays in your own country are on the rise. In recent years, the demand for holidays in the Netherlands increased and this will only increase in the coming years. Generally, a holiday home in the Netherlands has a high occupancy rate, making it possible to earn good returns. Usually more effective than investments in the form of shares and securities, for example. An investment in a holiday home is therefore a good alternative with limited risk. A popular investment, therefore.


A suitable holiday home 

Besides the attractive returns, you can also enjoy the holiday home yourself in your free time. It is therefore important that you buy a holiday home that fully meets your wishes so that you can later enjoy your own holiday home in luxury. Dutchen's holiday homes are located on holiday parks spread throughout the country. For example on the Zeeland Delta or North Holland coast, on open waterways in Loosdrecht or in the middle of unspoilt nature in Drenthe. We consciously choose locations along the coast or in nature reserves so that the landscape contributes to the ultimate holiday feeling. View our current and future offer of beautiful holiday homes throughout the country. 


Professional and personal assistance

Buying a holiday home is not something you do every day. It is therefore essential that you work with the right partner. Dutchen Real Estate is happy to help you buy a holiday home. We give you personal advice and guide you throughout the entire process. After the purchase of the holiday villa, we usually take care of the rental as well. We are also happy to do that for you. We have years of experience and the know-how to realise optimal occupancy of your holiday home. We enter into a long-term relationship in which you are completely unburdened. Trust, honouring agreements and building bonds are obviously important values for us. We do this finely, purely and differently. 

Would you like to know more about buying a holiday home in the Netherlands? We would like to take you through the process step by step. 

The advantages of a Dutchen holiday home are listed below.


-Luxury holiday parks in prime locations.

High-quality and sustainable holiday homes.

-Enjoy your own luxury holiday home.

-Unique locations.

-Personal assistance in the purchase process

-Years of experience and reliable partner.

-Know-how and expertise to achieve optimal occupancy of your property.

-Full service rental of your property.


Let us inform you about everything involved in buying a holiday home. Feel free to contact us.  


Buying a second home step by step

Buying a holiday home in the Netherlands. How does it work? 

You're thinking of buying a holiday villa. A good investment! Our website will help you with your orientation. We are very happy to help you find a holiday home that meets your wishes. Location, budget and whether you will use the holiday home yourself are important factors. 


The consideration

You probably have many questions about what buying a holiday home means for you. Tax-wise, for example. Or how it works with renting it out. Can you get a mortgage on a holiday home? And can you furnish a Dutchen holiday villa yourself? You will find the answers to these and many other questions here. 


The right partner

Now that you know where you stand when you buy a holiday home from Dutchen, we would like to talk to you to look at your specific situation together. We guide you personally in this first phase of a new adventure. Let's sit down at the table. Digitally or physically, whatever you prefer. We can meet at our office or at the project site. In the latter case, you can visit a model home right away. We take our time for the conversation. We are potentially entering into a long collaboration so we like to get off to a good start. The purchase conditions, the ways of (personal) use and letting, the rental income prognosis, the fiscal aspects, financial matters such as the (rental) management and maintenance of your future holiday home and its furnishing will be discussed. Of course, we also answer all your questions. 


The decision

Are you enthusiastic and have all your questions been answered? Then we advise you to think very carefully before taking the final step of buying the holiday villa. We are happy to give you a two-week option on the villa of your dreams. That gives you the opportunity to go through all the points again and sleep on them a few more nights. Do you still have questions in the meantime? We will be happy to answer them. 


The purchase

The decision has been made: you are going to buy a holiday home! We get to work on the necessary documents: the purchase agreement, the construction contract, the management and rental agreement and the interior agreement. If you wish, we will discuss the content of these documents before signing. We will be happy to make an appointment with you to sign the documents at our office. Would you prefer to sign the contracts digitally? If so, that is also possible. Whatever your preference. 

At the time of purchase of the holiday home, a global time schedule of the construction process is drawn up. From the actual start of construction, we will keep you informed of the developments of the construction of the park and your home. Via, we will inform you with photos of the progress. 

Volg je woning is a personal home dossier where you, as a buyer, can find all information about your home. An online file that is always available, including offers, quotations, order confirmations, newsletters and many more updates. You can schedule appointments, make choices, sign digitally and communicate with buyer supervisors. In this way, we are constantly working to make the construction process more efficient for buyers and other parties involved. As construction progresses, we can make the planning more and more specific. 



Any mortgage has been arranged, the deeds have been signed by both parties and all conditions have been met. It is time for the 'notarial transport'. The deed of transfer is signed by the notary transferring ownership of the property (the flat right) to you. Congratulations!


The key

Once again, we congratulate you because your holiday villa will be handed over! We will send you an invitation to this special moment. After completion by the contractor, the interior stylist will decorate the house. The final delivery of your holiday home is when it is ready to be rented out. 


The collaboration

You make the most of the moments when you are holidaying in your own home. Dutchen takes care of marketing, letting, reception, answering questions, cleaning, minor and major maintenance of the park and the holiday homes. In short, we take care of everything. 


Dutchen rents out the accommodations in a professional manner against a fixed commission agreement. Our guests notice this in service and convenience. You as owner notice this because the accommodation is optimally rented out to the right target group. A team of Dutchen marketeers works daily on the right pricing policy and promotion. In addition, our service and reception staff ensure that reservations are handled properly and that guests lack for nothing. The administration department takes care of the periodic settlement of accounts, so as an owner in Dutchen's parks, you are completely relieved of any worries. The properties let by Dutchen are also managed by (or on behalf of) Dutchen. The basic principle here is to guarantee a long life span of the homes through good and timely maintenance and to realise optimal availability for renting. Our aim is to avoid necessary emergency interventions and maintenance work in the high season. The owner has access to the reservation system and can thus monitor the rental, but can also reserve the house for his own use.