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Harz, Germany

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In the midst of overwhelming nature

At the edge of the Harz Mountains, in the town of Bad Sachsa, the Dutchen Group is developing a beautiful park with 83 Eco Lodges. Modern, comfortable and relaxed: this hugely sought-after location is the place to spend wonderful vacations in Germany with family or friends!

Three types of Eco Lodges are being realized on the hilly terrain of Park Borntal. The careful positioning ensures generous lots with lots of privacy. The location of the homes is designed to enjoy the outdoors for as long as possible. From the terrace, each home will soon have a view of the valley and the setting evening sun.

The park will have a central reception with the necessary amenities, such as a bistro with a terrace and a sandwich service. All lodges will have optimal access and each lot will be provided with two private parking spaces.

Luxury Eco Lodges with phenomenal views

The lodges are situated on a hill, allowing you to enjoy stunning views from your home. Through romantic paths and under rustling pine trees you walk straight into the overwhelming nature. Always facing south or southwest, always with a view of the valley: great for lounging or barbecuing on the terrace in the evening sun.

The character of the surroundings is preserved, with lots of local vegetation and height differences. The park is literally surrounded by forests. You don't have to look for peace, space and nature at Park Borntal. It is always present here.

Invest in the Harz

Investing in a second home in the Harz is an attractive choice. The location of this area, just a five-hour drive from the Randstad, makes it easily accessible to Dutch vacationers. Whether you are looking for a weekend getaway or a longer vacation, the Harz offers countless opportunities for adventure activities.

The area is a paradise for nature lovers. With vast forests, enchanting lakes and breathtaking views, the Harz is perfect for hikers, cyclists and mountain bikers. The well-maintained trails and routes offer varied terrain for all levels of experience. For those looking for an adrenaline rush, abseiling is an exciting activity you can undertake in the beautiful gorges and rock walls of the Harz.

But the Harz has even more to offer. In the winter months, the area turns into a winter sports paradise, where you can enjoy cross-country skiing and skiing on well-prepared slopes. With several ski areas and cross-country ski trails, there is something for everyone, regardless of your skill level. It is the ideal place for a family vacation or a sporty adventure in the snow.

What makes investing in a second home in the Harz even more attractive is the sustainable nature of the Eco Lodges. These modern accommodations are designed with respect for nature and use environmentally friendly materials and energy sources. They combine comfort and luxury with a green ethos, allowing you to enjoy a sustainable stay in the beautiful surroundings of the Harz.

Moreover, as a four-season region, the Harz offers year-round activities and events. From festivals and cultural events to craft markets and traditional feasts, there is always something to experience. The rich history of the region is reflected in charming villages, imposing castles and historic sights waiting to be discovered.

In short, investing in a second home in the German Harz is a wise choice. It offers not only access to a beautiful natural area with diverse activities, but also the opportunity to enjoy sustainability and an active lifestyle. The Harz is a year-round inspiring destination where you can return again and again for new adventures and discoveries.

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houses on this park
  • PARK BORNTALBad Sachsa - Niedersachsen
    Type B
    Plot number 48
    102 m2 / 350 m2
    € 419.000,- n.c.f.b. excl. VAT
  • PARK BORNTALBad Sachsa - Niedersachsen
    Type C
    Plot number 61
    54 m2 / 300 m2
    € 249.000,- n.c.f.b. excl. VAT
  • PARK BORNTALBad Sachsa - Niedersachsen
    Type A
    Plot number 70
    94 m2 / 304 m2
    € 359.000,- n.c.f.b. excl. VAT
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