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Bond lending

Park information

With old mills, pine forests, special flora and fauna and sea views everywhere, the Swedish island of Öland is the ideal destination for a wonderful vacation. The ancient landscape lends itself perfectly to cycling and hiking along breathtaking coastlines and Unesco World Heritage Sites. Literally a stone's throw from the Baltic Sea, the first phase of Beach Resort Öland with twenty beautiful Sea Lodges will be realized in the near future.

In connection with local legal and tax legislation, it is more attractive for a Dutch private investor from a yield perspective to invest in real estate in Sweden by means of a bond loan. The issue of bond loans creates a unique opportunity to invest in recreational real estate on the Swedish coast.


Bond loan with security through fixed remuneration

Several series of bond loans are going to be issued. Below are the features of the first series:



Valo Group Dutch Holding B.V.

Principal amount

€ 200,000 per bond

Number of bonds in Series I

20 bonds


5% per year indexed

Interest payment

Twice a year (semi-annually)


Maximum 20 years, right of resale after 5 years



Transaction costs



Opportunity for bondholder to stay two weeks annually in a Sea Lodge


First right of mortgage on the 20 Sea Lodges through bondholders foundation

Vacation fun as an additional return

An information memorandum has been prepared describing in detail the specific features of the Bond Series. The information memorandum contains conditions applicable to all Bond Series, as well as Bond Series-dependent information for Bond Series OBR Series I. 

Öland Beach Resort Bondholders Foundation has been established to represent the interests of bondholders. The board of the foundation will at least consist of a representative of the bondholders, a representative of the issuer and an independent third party. 

Because a park often needs a lead time to get the occupancy rate to the desired level, a fund has been created from which interest payments will be paid to bondholders for the first two years. A nice bonus is that bondholders can annually experience two weeks of Öland's atmosphere while staying in a Sea Lodge.


The advantages of this bond

- Annual fixed return

- Payment twice a year 

- No interim redemptions during the first ten years

- Bonds are transferable at any time

- Annual two week stay in a Sea Lodge 

More information and registration

If you would like to receive the information memorandum or learn more about the project and bond loans, please contact Mike Folmer 06 51 49 96 10 or email

Interested parties can subscribe to the Bond from April 15, 2022.

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