Caution! You are investing outside AFM supervision. No licence requirement for this activity.

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Investing in leisure property

More and more people are investing in a recreational home. This can be for rental, for own use or a combination of both. This form of investment, investing in recreational property while making a nice return, has been popular for many years. Now that interest rates are also historically low and many people want a safe haven in their own country in these corona times, the popularity of holiday homes has increased even more. We have listed everything about buying a second home.

  • Tera AdoráCuraçao - Curaçao
    4-P Villa
    210 m2 / 0 m2
    € 999.000,- from
  • Tera AdoráCuraçao - Curaçao
    6-P villa
    235 m2 / 0 m2
    € 1.349.000,- from
  • Tera AdoráCuraçao - Curaçao
    8-P villa
    307 m2 / 0 m2
    € 1.749.000,- from
  • Tera AdoráCuraçao - Curaçao
    10-P villa
    349 m2 / 0 m2
    € 2.495.000,- from
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Selling your holiday property?

The time may come when you want to sell your holiday home. Perhaps you want to buy another property, you yourself no longer use the property sufficiently or you need the investment for something else. Thanks to our many years of experience and our database of tenants, owners and potential buyers of our new and existing parks, we are the right address for the sale of a holiday home. Contact us without obligation, we will be happy to advise you.