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Buying a holiday home

Do you also sometimes dream of buying a recreational home? A place you can enjoy yourself in your free time, or to make a return, or maybe both. You are not the only one. Buying a recreational home is a dream of many. Whether you want a second (holiday) home for your own enjoyment or to rent out, buying a recreational home is quite a step. 


A good investment

Buying a holiday home is a good investment. Holidays in your own country are increasingly on the rise. In recent years, the demand for holidays in the Netherlands rose considerably. In the coming years, this trend is expected to continue. Due to the high occupancy rate that holiday homes in the Netherlands generally have, good returns can be made when you rent out your purchased holiday home. Today, the returns from your recreational home are usually more effective than investments in the form of shares or securities. An investment in a recreational home is therefore a good alternative, with limited risk. 


Buying the perfect holiday home

Apart from the fact that buying a recreational home is lucrative, it is also nice when you can enjoy your own holiday home in your free time. If you buy a holiday home, make sure that the house suits your needs. This way, you will soon be able to enjoy your own holiday home to the full. Dutchen has luxurious and comfortable holiday homes at small-scale and exclusive holiday parks throughout the country. On the North Holland coast, for example. Or in the unspoilt countryside in Drenthe. View our current and future offer of beautiful holiday homes throughout the country. 


Professional and personal assistance 

Buying a holiday home is no easy task. It is important to work with the right partner. Someone who can help you buy your holiday home from start to finish. 

Dutchen Real Estate guarantees personal advice and professional assistance throughout the entire purchase process. Will you also rent out your holiday home? Then Dutchen Real Estate will also take care of the rental after the purchase. Thanks to our years of experience and knowledge, we know how to achieve optimal occupancy of your holiday home. Dutchen takes care of marketing, letting, receiving, answering questions, cleaning, and minor and major maintenance of the park and the homes. So you are completely unburdened.