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Finnish Lapland

from € 1.200.000,- *

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Booming Destination Saariselkä

Saariselkä is a booming vacation destination and the northernmost ski resort in Europe. The village is located in an impressive arctic landscape characterized by lakes, vast forests and mountainous landscapes. This makes Saariselkä an ideal "four seasons" vacation destination for nature lovers and adventurers seeking a unique wilderness experience.


Inspired by nature

Lapland is a place of natural contrasts - rugged yet relaxed, dark yet light, cold yet warm. VALO Ice Cube Villas are designed to reflect the unique beauty of this special place. With Scandinavian architecture, the highest quality furniture and fixtures, and natural materials such as local stone and wood, the villas represent the Scandinavian design philosophy of functional beauty made to last. Inside the "ice block" inspired exterior you will find a warm, cozy and relaxing space that invites you to recharge and connect with nature.


Year-round enjoyment

Lapland and especially the Saariselkä area offers a wide range of activities for every season. The growing vacation destination has the northernmost ski resort in Europe. In summer it is always light and there is plenty of room for long walks. The rivers and lakes nearby provide a great experience on the water.


Right on the ski slope

Dutchen Group is developing in several phases a variety of villas and lodges, combined with a hotel. The plan is uniquely situated between a ski slope and a toboggan run. The first phase consists of the construction of 18 Ice Cube Villas, suitable for 8-10 people.

The south building fields are reserved for about 75 - 100 smaller Suite Cubes. Together with central facilities, these will function as a separate (snow) resort/hotel. On the two building sites above them, the current Ice Cube Villas will be further developed. On the northernmost building field, multi-family/company lodges will be realized. A product for which Saariselkä is originally best known.


Investing in Finnish Lapland

There are two ways to invest in this special project.

Buy the Ice Cube Villa yourself and let us rent it out.   
Invest via one or more Mortgage Bonds Valo (MBV). You provide us with financing to build the villa and receive an attractive interest rate.
With both variants you can also stay one week per year in one of the Ice Cube Villas. 


The table below shows the differences when investing in one or two MBVs:

  Mortgage bond I Mortgage bond II
Principal € 600.000,- € 1.200.000,-
Maturity 5 years + 5 years idem
Interest 7,50% idem
Interest payment 2 times a year idem
March 1st en September 1st
Effective date In consultation idem
Extra 1 week per year vacation in Finland in the residence concerned 1 week week per year vacation in Finland in the residence concerned
Right of conversion. Possibility to convert the loan into purchase of the completed home including inventory. This right can be invoked up to a maximum of 24 or 36 months after turn-key completion of the property in question.
Security 1. Right of mortgage on one home together with 1 other bondholder 1. First right of mortgage entire home
2. Pledge 50% of the shares in the Finnish BV that owns the property in question 2. Pledge 100% of the shares on the Finnish BV that owns the property in question


You buy two MBVs of € 600,000. Total investment is € 1,200,000.
You receive 7.5% interest annually, which is paid out twice a year. After two years you want to use the conversion right. You want to buy the villa. The MBV are redeemed and converted into the purchase of the villa for an amount of € 1,200,000.
If the market value of the Ice Cube Villa has now risen to € 1,400,000, on paper you will make a profit of € 200,000. On top of your direct return of 7.5% will then be an additional € 200,000,- return
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* no costs for buyer excluding VAT
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  • VALO-FINLANDFinland - 99830
    Plot number 15
    141 m2 / 0 m2
    € 1.200.000,- n.c.f.b. excl. VAT
  • VALO-FINLANDFinland - 99830Verkocht
    Ice Cube
    Plot number 10
    141 m2 / 0 m2
  • VALO-FINLANDFinland - 99830Optie
    Ice Cube
    Plot number 8
    141 m2 / 0 m2
    € 1.200.000,- n.c.f.b. excl. VAT
  • VALO-FINLANDFinland - 99830
    Ice Cube
    Plot number 12
    141 m2 / 0 m2
    € 1.200.000,- n.c.f.b. excl. VAT
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