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10-P villa / NR. 0

Tera Adorá

€ 2.495.000,- from

Property information

The five-bedroom villa is the largest type and can accommodate up to 10 guests. A total of eight villas are located in the best waterfront locations, overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The spectacular circular design creates maximum distance between the villas, giving a sense of exclusivity and privacy to guests while increasing the view for others.

Villa Type 10 covers plots 1 to 8.

Housing features
purchase price
€ 2.495.000,00 from
living space
349 m2
number of persons
sleeping rooms
€ 120.000,00
On a hill, by the sea
Own jettyAircoBathroom on ground floor

Park information


Good news for lovers of the beautiful island of Curaçao! Dutchen Group is developing a unique real estate project at Playa Cas Abao, one of the most popular beaches on the island.

The first part of Tera Adorá Eco Resort, the northern hill, involves the development of 50 luxury villas to be built in a peaceful and green environment. These overlook the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea and offer spectacular views of the surrounding nature. SeARCH Architects has beautifully designed the 4 types of villas, suitable for 4-10 people. Ideal for those looking for a solid investment opportunity and an exclusive and quiet place to stay in Curaçao.


Villa Type 10-p, lots 1 up to 8

Villa Type 8-p, lots 9 up to 18

Villa Type 6-p, lots 19 up to 34 and 47 up to 50

Villa Type 4-p, lots 35 up to 46


The south hill concerns the development of a new hotel with suites, a restaurant, wellness facilities and multiple swimming pools. The spectacularly designed hotel will be a stone's throw from the beach and will offer guests a unique and luxurious experience on Curaçao. The suites are stylishly decorated and of course have all modern facilities. Tera Adora Eco Resort offers guests the perfect place to relax and enjoy the Caribbean sun.

This new real estate development at Playa Cas Abao promises an exclusive and luxurious lifestyle on Curaçao. Whether you are looking for a second home for personal use, partial personal use, returns and of course a unique vacation experience, this project has something for everyone. With its beautiful beaches, clear blue waters and perfect climate, Curaçao is the ideal place to live, invest or visit.

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