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Loosdrecht Lake District

from € 549.000,- *

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In one of the most beautiful natural areas in the Netherlands, we realize contemporary water villas in various appearances. Made for people who have seen the world, know unprecedented luxury and are now mainly looking for pure relaxation in the most fantastic setting imaginable. Water in the leading role, that goes without saying, but the greenery surrounding the villas is also important. And then to think that you can also be on the Zuidas in no time or enjoying a terrace on one of the canals in Amsterdam.

We are pleased to launch the second phase of the Zuydoever project with luxurious, 4- and 8-person country houses on the Loosdrechtse Plassen; the perfect investment in this centrally located area with unprecedented water sports possibilities.

The villas seem randomly "strewn" across the lake area. Nothing could be further from the truth, their position has been carefully chosen. Due to the clever parcellation and positioning of the villas, each owner or guest experiences ultimate freedom and privacy. The villas have been placed and designed in such a way that you do not look in on each other, but you do experience the watery environment to the fullest.

The water villas are offered in multiple appearances, with various types of facade and roof finishes. You can choose from dark gray, white gray, natural graying or green wood. Roofs are made of thatch, aluminum siding, wood sections or wood tiles, also known as "shingles. Whichever type you go for, the entire façade on the south side will be constructed of glass, providing fantastic light and living experience.

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houses on this park
  • Zuydoever Pfase IILoosdrecht - Noord-Holland
    Type 50 4-p reed black
    Plot number 36
    90 m2 / 368 m2
    € 599.000,- Without VAT
  • Zuydoever Pfase IIWijdemeren - Nederland
    Type 55 6-p screen black
    Plot number 15
    155 m2 / 431 m2
    € 1.049.000,- without VAT
  • Zuydoever Pfase IILoosdrecht - Noord-Holland
    Type 50 4-p white reed
    Plot number 30
    90 m2 / 340 m2
    € 599.000,- Without VAT
  • Zuydoever Pfase IIWijdemeren - Nederland
    Type 50 4-p shingle
    Plot number 4
    90 m2 / 468 m2
    € 587.000,- without VAT
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